"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm"

- Publilius Syrus

The Harvest Financial Group LLC is a full service investment firm located in Braintree MA.

Our firm is comprised of professionals with extensive experience working in the global financial markets. We bring that experience to our clients on a daily basis helping to responsibly invest their assets and manage their wealth.

We are an independent firm with no proprietary products. Simply stated, we act only in the best interest of our clients at all times. All client assets are held at National Financial Services; a subsidiary of the Fidelity Investment Company.

Our success is rooted in understanding that no two clients are the same. Every client's financial needs, goals, and risk tolerances are different. As such, our approach at the Harvest Financial Group is to focus on those individual goals and work with them to achieve.

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Investing isn't just about numbers and the bottom line. It's about goals, dreams, purpose. By bridging the gap between Financial Planning and Life Planning, we help you design a program that connects money (how you earn it, how you save it, how you invest it) with what matters.


We help our clients identify their goals and achieve them.


We address your specific financial situation and guide you through the tough decisions.


We help improve your career or business with creative financial strategies.


We go beyond the numbers to make sure you feel confident in your decisions.

Having a relationship with the Harvest Financial Group, you will benefit from diversified wealth management firm focused on providing unparalleled personal attention and meticulously tailored financial advice.