— Asset Allocation —

Asset Allocation is the process of investing your money in a diverse portfolio comprised of several asset classes such as stocks, bonds, alternative investments/assets, real estate and insurance to name a few. While the primary objective is to grow your assets it is not the only objective, after all, returns are meaningless if you give them back every time the market corrects. It is for this reason that we build each portfolio with the intention of capturing as much upside as possible while at the same time aiming to protect you from the volatility that is inherent to the stock market.

Your portfolio with be built to suit your unique needs and when selecting individual investments and assets classes we will take into careful consideration your risk tolerance, experiences, needs and goals.

Finally, we will present you with our recommendations and seek your input before putting plans into practice. From there we closely monitor your portfolio and keep you abreast of any material changes as they occur. We continue to offer guidance and recommendations as to how to adjust your portfolio to best take advantage of an ever changing global marketplace, making sure that your risk is always kept to a minimum.

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